Better Days Are Here & Better Days....They Are Ahead.

His Involvements


Pastor Thomas J. Sills

Community Advocate, Author, & Leader

Sweetfield of Eden Baptist Church

Pastor Thomas J. Sills has served as the Senior Pastor of Sweetfield of Eden Baptist Church for almost 20 years. Founded in Pin Point in 1897,  Sweetfield of Eden Baptist church was a successor to Ossabaw’s Hinder Me Not Church and also served as the community’s school until a Rosenwald School opened in 1926. The Pin Point community is known for its historical heritage and a multitude of generational seafood recipes that are contributed to their ancestral heritage. This dynamic church is located at 9630 Lehigh Avenue in the heart of the above mentioned historical Pin Point community. Bishop Sills invites you to our weekly Word Encounter and Word & Worship Services that are held Wednesday night at 7:30PM and Sunday Morning at 9AM & 11AM.

Better Days Ahead: Living Through The Process

About The Book
Better Days Ahead: Living Through The Process is an autobiographical journey of the life of a father, pastor, and Bishop that faces an array of trials, tribulations, and tests of faith while answering the calling that was placed on his life since birth. This life changing story covers church hurt, divorce, unexpected sickness, and financial struggles. This story embodies the outpouring of miracles, grace, and God's favor. Readers will be left inspired, encouraged, motivated, and reassured that they will make it through rainy season of their life. This book gives reader the understanding that it is the process that perfects you and it is your circumstance that will change your stance. Order an autographed copy for you or a friend in need today.
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Founded in 2013 by Bishop Thomas J. Sills, Pin Point Seafood Festival is a festival that highlights the great taste of seafood from the historical Pin Point community in Savannah, Georgia. The event is sponsored by Sweetfield of Eden Baptist Church. Local seafood is grilled, fried, steamed, broiled, sautéed with generational recipes and served to thousands of individuals who travel across the US to partake in these festivities on an annual basis.

Attendees can expect live music, educational activities, seafood, a variety of other foods, games and other activities for the whole family. Pin Point's part in the seafood industry in Savannah dates back to 1900 with Ben Bond and John Anderson Seafood and A.S. Varn and Sons. This festival is a way to help preserve the legacy. This year's festival will be held September 15, 2018 at 10am. We look forward to seeing you there.

Learn More About Fathers Mentoring Sons

Fathers Mentoring Sons

Where Every Man is A Father and Every Young Man Is a Son
Fathers Mentoring Sons was founded in 2015 to help combat the alarming crime rates in Savannah, Georgia and the surrounding Low Country through a specialized, targeted mentoring program for the young males within our communities. We strive to create new opportunities and understanding for our Young Sirs which may have previously been unavailable due to absence of parental figures, barriers, prejudices, or simply the disbelief that they are a product of their environment. Learn more about our scholarships and how you get involved as a volunteer,mentor, or sponsor today. Let’s remain informed, get involved, and stay committed!

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